Abstract :

Reverse Logistics (RL) is a full member of a Supply Chain. As such, it must contribute by adding value to the latter. Moreover, firms are now supposed toprove they are citizens socially responsible for their acts and their consequences on the environment. We present in this article a conceptual framework in which RL is a source of competitive advantage. A qualitative
study identifies the corresponding concepts. We offer the basis of aquantitative study on the required means for a RL to create a competitive advantage in a supply chain. Among the recommendations of the article, we can mention top management’s involvement, dedicated information systems and collaboration with other links in the chain.

F. Brach, X. Brusset, Revue Française de Gestion Industrielle vol.33(1), pp 33-53, (CNRS4), 2014.

Keywords :

Reverse logistique, supply chain management, étude qualitative

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